Cannot Install Hp psc 1300 series Adminstrator Rights Problems.

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  1. I tried so many methods of installing The Hp psc 1300 series and it won't work. I am currently running Vista Home Basic. When I go to install the drivers I get an error saying "Cannot Install" Reason was "Adminstrator Rights" I am the owner and I tried to install from my account. I also created an account for my husband, as a standard user. It still comes up with the same problem.. Any sugguestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. High,have the same problem woth "administrator",don´t see a solution. Did u manage meantime ?Friedrich
  3. anyone can answer, please
  4. Did you verify if the driver is meant for Vista?
  5. turtleclan

    you have to down load a driver for vist go to google, having same problem
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    To help, we need to know the product model number of the printer. For instance there are at least 12 different models in this series. It should be something like HP PSC 1317. After that is established, you should visit the HP site, enter the model number in the search and then look for drivers under HP technical support. Select your OS and then download & install the driver.
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  9. no need to install any psc driver because it comes with vista.
    I still cannot make the scan work however...

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