Cannot install or boot to windows 7


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My system as followed:

Mobo gigabyte EP45-UD3R
CPU E6550
Ram Corsair ddr2 2GB bus 1066
VGA HD4850
HDD WD green 2tb (sparking new) + WD 500gb x 2 (1 year old)
PSU CoolerMaster 400w

The problem is: I cannot boot nor install new windows by any means, tried 4 different DVDs, none works.
At first I thought the ram is at fault (heard multiple beeeps at POST screen) so I replace a new one (listed above) but it seem not to be the right solution.
I have an ghost image of my laptop so I tried to restore it to my desktop, but it didn't work either.

Any helps are much appreciated.

PS: I can boot to miniXP by using Hiren's boot CD, check the disks and data inside, all seem just fine.


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are you using a legitimate version of windows 7?

you mentioned you have tried 4 DVD's?


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The beeps you hear mean something, and are not related to a Windows 7 install, unless something is wrong with the system which is causing the errors. There should be a beep code listing on your manufacturers site, or you might find a general one. The Bios manufacturers may also have one.

Can you give a little more info on what exactly is going wrong, where does the install break down?


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My BIOS is AWARD's, multiple beep mean ram problem so I replaced the ram, no more beep.

My system simply just cannot boot. It stucks at the boot from cd/dvd ...

I borrowed the dvds from my friends, they can installed just fine using those.


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At some point after exhausting four or five bootable DVD's I would start to suspect the player, I know you say that you've booted from a Hiren's CD, but that's a CD not a DVD, so it could be a laser issue adjusting to the other wavelength requirements. So...
Alternately you may try installing from a USB flash drive, if you have a 4 gig flash drive laying around that you're not doing anything with take a look at this walkthrough and see if that might help. You're still going to need a working DVD player that can at least read the Win7 DVD, if not boot from it, to get the Win To Flash utility to work for you. Maybe swapping out the DVD player with another might be easier, if you could borrow one from a friend.
Keep us posted


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Sorry for the long delay, recently I have a HDD with win7 installed by a friend of mine, but I cannot log on to windows useing this HDD while my friend can. Why so? Is it because of different hardware?
And also can faulty mobo cause me unable to boot?


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Yes and Yes. You might not be able to boot with your friend's HD due to the differences with your hardware. and yes a bad MB can definitely cause you to not boot. All signals from one component to the others all go through the MB. All communication pathways are through the MB. All components are installed on the MB. A fault on the MB can cause any number of faults including not booting.


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Hi there. I took my mobo to warranty, then take it back after a week. I also bought a thumbdrive to use as a booting device instead of my dvd drives. The things is my system still cannot boot into windows. On the last steps the BSOD appeared, then system restarted. Just like that.

I've tried installing on all 3 of my HDDs. Same results.

So is it the cpu or VGA fault? I also have some big red line from top to toe of the LCD screen, following by blue ziczac-like lines from left to right.

Verrrry confusing now ....
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I think it's time to take the whole PC to a competent tech. Keeping switching out devices can get expensive.