Cannot install Windows 7 64 bit error

Hello. I recently decided to format my vista 64 bit machine and install windows 7 64 bit. I currently have an HP notebook (Pavilion 9930us) my basic specs are:

intel duo core 2.0 ghz processor
4 gig DDR2 SDRAM
Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS
300 gig HD

I downloaded and burned Win 7 64 bit onto a DVD and attempted to install from there. The CD will boot and load into the initial screen where it displays "Install Now". When I click on it an error pops up saying "Windows could not retrieve information about the disks on this computer" So I thought it was a problem with the disk and I reburned another copy and tried to install...same problem. My friend has a 32 bit disk so I used that to then format my computer so then I could attempt a fresh install of 64 bit...same problem again. So now I installed 32 bit for the time being until I can figure out what the problem is... My other friend had the same issue as me and had to go with 32 bit. I know my computer can handle 64 bit due to me running 64 bit vista for a little over a year. I've been searching all over for an answer and have not come to much results. I hope someone here can help me. Thank you I really appreciate it.

try a different 64 bit w7 iso or daa , burn that to a new disc, see what happens, the current 64 bit iso or daa you have now might be corupt.

well the thing with that is... originally I tried using my friend's W7 64 bit CD and that message showed up. Then I burned my own and I got the same results. And the first disk worked on my friends laptop which is basically the same as mine.

not doubting you but what is the exact name of your processor?

See if you can find out how to install via a usb key. IMHO you are loosing your disc drive during loading and it just can't find the disc.

My processor is an intel 2 core duo T5750 2.0 Ghz

If I am losing my disc drive during install then wouldn't 32 bit not work either? the message pops up almost immediately after I hit install now. I don't even get to the next window.

My friend here didn't seem to know what to do he just said maybe I could install 64 bit vista again and then just upgrade to win 7. Any opinions on that option?

You stated you formatted tried fresh install, what did you use to format if you dun mind me asking?

I used the Win 7 32 bit CD to format my C drive and then after it formatted I tried to install the 64 bit, thats when the message popped up.

If you have a spare pc with a operating system already running on it, install that hdd your trying to install w7 64 onto, on the spare pc.
Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools
|MG| Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 1.13 Download

after install has finished, locate it in start menu, start it up do a quick write zeros format to that hdd "bout 2 minutes it takes".

if not the only other option of writing zeros with out install that I know of is dban bootup govt. format disk.
Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing
that's the quickest which will take from 4 to 6 hrs to format.

then try to install w7 64 bit.

Ok, well the problem with that is that this is a laptop. I wont be able to take my hdd and install it on my spare computer at home. So is my only option using that boot nuke? I'm not very familiar with it so any chance you could explain a little bit more how to do this? I would really appreciate it.

burn dban to a disc "using something like imgburn", insert it in the cdrom, set cd rom for first boot device in bios, save bios it will reboot n should boot right into the dban utility. once its up and loaded select "dodshort" which is default sit back and be patient.

dban will wipe the entire hard drive so backup anything if you have anything.

Ok thank you very much for your help. I will try this and let you know how it turns out.

I'm having the exact same issue with my dv9000 exact make and model. I've tried several different ISOs of Windows 7 and nothing seems to be working. I always end up getting BSOD and some driver conflicts no matter what I do. Let me know if you find a solution to this problem, I'm at my wits end.

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