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    I took an install disk from mt friend and i puted it in teh computer, Then I made a 20GB partition using the one already found in my XP. When I boot from the DVD, it takes 10minutes to go the Select region and language screen. Then another 5 after that to press next. Then I select the partition I made in XP(NTFS) and then it does "Copying new files" but it doesn't continue , then after a couple minutes (about 10-15) it gives some error that says that i dont have driver to the install or somthing like this. whats Weird is that i have successed to instal windows 7 a long time ago on the computer, but not in The usual way in the format but in a way which i puted the disk in the computer and installed the windows like a game instal (hope you know what i meen ). I did this this way because of the same problem that i wrote.after a while the windows started to make problems and i had to format again, bud i couldn't to windows 7 so i format to XP and i stuck with the XP now. I tried to format to 7 many times, same thing. Please help, I'm confused as to why this is happening.

    sorry for the bad english :/
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    give it more space - 20gig is bare minimum for 64bit

    depending on your ram size I would go for 50 gig to allow more room for the pagefile.
    actually, I run Vista in a 20 gig VM which is just right even 10 gig are supposed to be sufficient.
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