Cannot join Windows Server 2008R2 domain

I have recently acquired a new computer running Windows 7 Professional that I would like to add to the network. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in attempting it to join the local domain running Windows Server 2008R2. I’ve had no problems in doing this using the older Windows 2000 computers.

When changing from workgroup to domain, the Windows 7 computer is unable to locate the domain:
a) computer account
b) userid

Resulting in a “network path not found” error. I am able to ping the server from the Windows 7 computer.

What is different in Windows 7 that is preventing it from presenting itself to a domain? What setting(s) needs to be ‘tweaked’ to allow successful domain registration and login? I’m using all default TCP/IP settings, similar to the Windows 2000 computer. I have disabled IPv6 in the Windows 7 computer, but the problem continues
I am stumped!

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No I am not able to join the domain. The problem occurs while "attempting" to join the domain. the step fails with the "network path not found" message.


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Does the ip addressing scheme on the Win7 computer reflect you 2008r2 DC as the primary resolver for DNS queries?

As I said earlier, I used the TCP/IP defaults. For DNS resolution, it's set as "obtain DNS server address automatically". This setting is the same in the Windows 2000 computer, where it is able to join the domain.


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Is the 2008r2 server also the DHCP server for the domain and is the DHCP scope configured fully. In other words what is the Win7 machine actually getting for DNS, just do a ipconfig /all and let us know, if the primary dns information is in fact pointing to your domain controller.

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