Cannot keep folder windows same size


I just joined, hope I havent missed posting anywhere else first.

I cannot figure out how to keep my folder windows the size I want them when I click on an application that requires me to browse for a picture/document...

And also, I keep resizing images to large but they keep falling back to detail or list mode, I miss the thumbnail option from XP. I'm a web designer and these are some pretty damn annoying problems, consuming half my day resizing windows and resizing pictures.

I dont know what to do, is there a solution to this?

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Anyone? Support? Help!


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Tom, I would have hoped someone could have given you a solution to this annoyance so I could also learn the solution. It appears that this is just one more of Windows 7's many, many annoyances that there is not even any third party solution to. I think we just have to accept that some things are just designed into Windows 7 to require more mouse clicks and more time spent non-productively. I guess this is what one would expect from a Vista based system developed by the same team that produced Vista.

Wow, that's seriously pathetic. But that's just typical Microsoft, they'll cram every single option down your throat but they'll leave out the most obvious useful options.

I am still trying to figure out the problem. My folders stay whatever size I put them, each and every time with windows 7, I have the option for thumbnail, tiles, description, anything I want....with windows 7. Open a folder and look in the upper right hand side, bunch of options in there, as for the window size, that is a setting you can check if it's not already checked.


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The problem is this. When I open a folder containing photographs, for instance, it opens in "details" view. I move the slider to "medium icon" view. (I find no option to set this as default). I close the photographs folder and when I open it again, it is back to "details" view and I must manually move the slider to the view that I desire the option of making default. I should not have to adjust the slider every time I open the folder. Am I missing something here, or is this just another Windows 7 annoyance as I stated earlier?

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