Cannot log in to laptop

I am unable to log into my laptop I am using an older Dell with Vista SP2 now.and evidently having trouble with this keyboard. I can't get past this point so I have to ask for ya'lls help from up here. Could someone please help me? Any help is appreciatedThank you. Joanne running windows 7 64bit SP1

I accidently set it up that I would have to log in . I haven't found a solution to remove this until last night through a "tweaker" I found. Unfortunately I can't remember the name. They had an option to remove this password which I clicked on. When I tried to log on tonight the log in was still there and on top of that my old password did not work.I

Give me more info.
Try a different keyboard?

I don't have experience with vista.
Maybe the "tweaker" was a virus.
Have you tried not entering a password at all?
Enter the bios and see if you can change the password there.

I hope i helped.

PS. There are ways of cracking windows passwords.
Sadly, I do not know any.

sorry this has taken so long. I couldn't log into this forum for some reason.
This doesn't have anything to do with the keyboard. What happened is that I tried to remove the password needed to get into my system. I tried the tweaker who said it could remove the password log in but it failed. The log in still comes up but my old password doesn't work. I have been all over trying to find a solution. I tried microsoft password recovery disc but that had to be made at the time of starting the password. I have gone to User account to try and change the settings for Administrator to no avail. I am stuck. Google had a bunch of links for this subject and I tried a couple of them but they all started with the original password.
I hope I have explained this better. Again any help is appreciated.

> Safe Mode & into the Admin acc't. Remove or reset the P/W in the other acc't from there(the Admin acc't).


I was able to finally get logged on as a different user. I then did a system restore and the problem is fixed!! I don't even have to log on anymore. Thanks ya'll for all your help.

Great news :thumbs_up:

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