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So, I downloaded Windows 10. Took about an hour. Attempted to logon, froze. Restarted my computer, tried to login again, froze. Repeat process 100 times with similar results. Fix this. I have important work on my computer I MUST do. I waited on hd for an hour and a half and my call was disconnected. You should NEVER release an unfinished product and market it as something great. It is trash, just like your last OS. At this point I think I could make a far more superior OS myself.


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Hi Brock,
I feel your pain. Let me first explain that we aren't actually an official Microsoft site. We do help people with computer issues but basically it's all volunteers helping others to get their issues resolved.
Is it possible for you to use another machine to burn a windows 10 iso? I'm thinking you could boot from it and run the repair option?
You can get the iso here:
Windows 10

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