Cannot open any exe files!!

I have looked up every solution, and none of them have worked. with the regedit.exe changing exe to .com and all sorts of ridiculous things, and my computer will not let me open a thing. i get a window that pops up that says Windows Security Alert & whatever program i'm trying to open is infected. it says to click on it to get my antispywear to open and then an Anitspywear Soft program pops up and is telling me to pay all this money to download it and i can't afford any of that. i need a free, fix and i need one fast. i work off of my computer, and i'm already broke as it is doing my job from my computer. without my computer, i have no money at all! could anyone please help me, and walk me through this, i'm not much of a computer person. someone please help!!!


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What anti-virus software are you currently running?

Will you system allow you to download anything? You may need to download and then upload to your system. If you do it make sure the media being used cannot be written to when it is inserted into the infected computer. If an infection is what is happening.

If you can, there are several free anti-virus programs, if you can download them. One is AVG, and I will use Malwarebytes occasionally.

Maybe someone will come along that knows more about this than I do. I will tell you there does seem to be quite a bit of virus/malware type activity going on...

Sounds like you already know about this Microsoft site.

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