Cannot open Firefox because it is already running?

I have had Windows 7 since it came out. I do not like to use Internet Explorer, therefore, I use Mozilla Firefox. I used it when I had Windows XP and have never encountered the problem on that machine nor a Vista. But since I have had Windows 7 about 50% of the time I cannot open Firefox because it says it is already running. Which leads me to start the task manager and end the Firefox process and then open it. I have this problem on both my desktop and my laptop. It doesn't matter how long after closing the Firefox browser I wait because it still tells me it's already running. I have waited under a minute and also hours. Does anyone have this same problem or know how to fix it? Thank You
P.S. I have upgraded to Firefox 3.6 but it did it on 3.5 as well.

I will try it and let you know. Thank you

Yep, I had that problem. I fixed it real good. I went Google Chrome. I don't miss FFx a bit.
Seriously, I know that is not the answer you were lookin for ... I think the problem is with Firefox and not in W7.
I will track this and see if someone has a fix, instead of a workaround such as I did.

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