Cannot pin to taskbar

Hi, it used to be I had Winamp installed and the shortcut to it pinned to the taskbar. Then, for various reasons I uninstalled then reinstalled Winamp.

Now I cannot, try as I might, pin the shortcut back to the taskbar. I get either a red circle with a diagonal band, like a traffic sign, or else the shortcut 'slips under the taskbar'.

Please anybody, what am I doing wrong? I managed it before...:(

Thank you.

Pleasure seeing you again ;)
There is a more complicated way of doing it that should work. Try it:
How to pin any item to the taskbar in Windows 7 | Windows 7 Center

Also, run Command Prompt as an admin and type "sfc /scannow" which will search for integrity violations.
Hi Mitch old friend, a pleasure seeing you too! Now, if I can use your suggestions there is, as per usual, a rep point there.

Guess what - now the Help & Support doesn't start, and that's a prerequisite for following the tip you provided. This just gets better and better. The scan found some corruption among the system files, though.
You know, I feel crabby today - I think I'll go read a book before something else gives out.


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Tell me when you're ready to start troubleshooting again ;)

Right click Winamp shortcut --> Pin to taskbar.
If no luck, right click winamp.exe --> Pin to taskbar.

If still no luck, do this:

1. Right click Winamp shortcut and copy its full path.
2. Pin notepad to taskbar.
3. Right click the notepad pinned --> properties --> insert the winamp.exe file path that you copied in step 1.
4. Reboot.

Right, thanks for the suggestions.


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Yet another way.
Go to the Winamp folder and click the .exe from there. Now right click the thumbnail and see if you can pin it.

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