Cannot remove Cyberlink DVD Suite residuals


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I have been have been having problems to remove any residual program footprints from an old install of Cyberlink DVD Suite. It was factory installed when I was running Vista 64bit Ultimate then upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. The main problems are removing Power2Go and PowerDirector from my system. I did a manual removal of files/folders then removed all registry entries and did a registry cleaning to make sure everything was removed. Thinking I have removed everything I one day wanted to reinstall it and was getting an Error 1628 after Cyberlink was trying to remove the previous installation of Power2Go and PowerDirector which I though it was removed when I did a manual deletion. Not sure if it has something to do with residual Windows Installer files in the system? Another error I received when trying to reinstall was " Error applying transforms verify that the specified transform paths are valid. C:\DVD\PDIR\1022.mst" I have been looking online but have not found anything to really help. I am not very versed with Windows Installer or Installshield but wondering if there is a way to force install the program over the previous without uninstalling the original install. I usually find answers online but this time have not, hope someone can help me!

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It might also be crap left behind from doing an upgrade instead of a clean install.


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Any idea...

Any idea on how to go about in cleaning the problems up so that the residual can be removed or is it a matter of waiting for Windows 7 updates?


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That link

does not point to a specific "Cyberlink" uninstall tool


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I already have already tried uninstall software which delete residuals, along with reg cleaners and did a manual removal of reg entries. I contacted HP and they instructed me with the following which I already found through forums:

This error message is often caused when the uninstallation log file becomes corrupt. This can happen if the installation is somehow corrupt.

This error can also occur if the Windows Installer Service is not properly configured on your computer or if the installation is created with a newer version of the Windows Installer Service than the one on your computer.



In the Windows Task Manager, end the process that is running IDriver.exe:

  • Right-click the Windows Task bar, then click Task Manager.
  • On the Processes tab.
  • Review the running processes to see if idriver.exe is running.
  • If idriver.exe is running, click it or right-click it, then click End Process.

Run the installation again to see if the error still occurs.

Once you done with this if issue persists please move to Step 2.


[FONT=&quot]Change the restriction settings to fix the Windows 7 Error 1628 :[/FONT]

1.Click Start button at the left bottom of desktop, go to Control Panel, the select Local Security Setting.

2.On the panel of Local Security Setting click on Software Restriction Polices. Then in the right hand column double click on enforcement.

3.Under the topic of enforcement, Apply software restriction policies to the following user make sure you click on "to all users except local administrators".

Once you have done all the above mentioned steps you have already fixed the error 1628. And now you should install power2go and power director. The error message of "Error 1628 " can not display on your computer any more.
[FONT=&quot]In addition we require your product details so that if above steps does not works we can provide more troubleshooting steps for the same.[/FONT]

I have a feeling it is something to do with Windows Installer, either corruption within install files, or issues due to Windows & upgrade.

HP has now suggested that I do a factory clean back to Vista 64 then upgrade before adding any new programs. The upgrade to Windows 7 while some of the software was already resident might have had something to do with the problems I have encountered.

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