Cannot resize the quicklaunch in the taskbar

Hi there,

I have a weird problem.
Just installed Windows 7 Professional on my laptop and it seems that I cannot resize the length of the quicklaunch in the taskbar. I've unlocked the taskbar, but the right toolbar sizing handle doesn't show. Any thought on this one?
I have quite enough icons so I should be able to do the resizing.
Here is a microsoft tutorial that explains how to do it : Show or hide icons in the taskbar but it doesn't help.


As you can see there is no right resizing handle.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


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The Task Bar in Windows 7 works different then the one in XP.
I don't have any handles either as far as I have seen.

It indicates open apps on top of the icons and adds apps opened from other locations to the end of the line.

I use small icons to make room for all the stuff I put on there and use an app called Rocket Dock to make more spaces available.


RocketDock - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Downloads

Desktop Capture.JPG



Thanks for enlightening me Mike.


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Here's my Quick Launch with taskbar locked.


As you can see I've the double Arrow to open the "extended" part. I'm taking it you can't get this? My suggestion would be to turn off the Quick Launch and to make sure re-boot. That'll make sure it's "gone". Now re-set it up and don't hide text until you've at least slid it halfway across your taskbar, to prove you can move it.


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Of course you can double arrow the top and drag to make it taller.

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