Cannot See Computer(s) on Network!

I have a basic LAN with 4 computers running Windows 7 RC 7100...

I have joined all the computers to the Home Group, but most of the time when switching on the computers, some do not appear on the scene, wether in Home Group, or My Network... it is only until you log into them that they appear.

Most of the time this is not a problem, but I have a Media Server, which 99% of the time does not show up! I just want to be able to turn the Server on, and not have to do anything else after this to get it to show up on the Network.

This is annoying, and you have to either connect by Remote Desktop, and login... which then shows the computer on the network/homegroup as it should...

...or you can access the Server by entering the computer name \\server in the Address Bar, but as soon as you close Windows Explorer, the Server is forgotten!!

I have not configured anything fancy, just using Static IP, and thus enabled "NetBIOS Over TCP/IP".

Is this a Windows 7 bug? I have never had this problem on XP/Vista..

Can anyone help?

Thanks... Regards, Demon :confused:

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Once I finally got it working, I never had a problem, until I had to reinstall. Now the other pc, does not show up in my network, if I right click I can not move anything over. But in network, I searched for the ip address, when it opened, (even though "network" never recognized it), I made a shortcut for every folder I needed, including the ip address itself. Now even though it does not show up, I have no trouble accessing it. I just have to open two windows, and then drag and drop, instead of just clicking "Move to".
I am still working on this trying to fix the problem, will report back when I find something, if someone else has any ideas Please let me know.

I've been having the same problem, I have 3 computers attached to my network. Two are running windows 7 and one is Vista. My laptop and my sisters can see all computers on the network and shared media. But my desktop I'm not able to see anything in the network explorer. I'm able to use map network and there I see both laptops and router but nothing in explorer. Only way for me to access them is by using \\ computer name. I've disabled all firewalls and tried many other things but still doesn't work. When I first installed windows 7 RC on the desktop I could see everything for a couple days then shared media dissapeared and only folders and computers were left. Now everything is gone. I know my way around computers and networking pretty well and haven't messed with anything that should make a difference but something wrong and I am clueless

I just spent a few hours looking through and testing setting I know and no success. But If you want to have the computers shows up in network explorer just create a new windows profile. Log into it and see if it works. It did for me so whatever the root of the problem, its based in the personal setting for the user. But if anyone finds out what settings make this situation happen I'd be very happy

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