Cannot see my drive letters on windows explorer


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For some reason now I cannot find my drive letters in windows explorer. Something got changed and I have no idea how to see them again.

Anyone know how I can see them again?


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Hello and welcome,

Since Windows 7 has a lot more folders (the Libraries), you may need to use the scrollbar on the left hand side and scroll down to locate the drive letters.


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hmm yeah i could before, but now I see no drive letters. I had 4 in total.


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If you have the Computer icon on the desktop, right-click on that and choose Open.


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same thing. can't see my drives.


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Go to Start > Run, and type diskmgmt.msc

Take a screenshot and post it back here.

I have the same problem. Sometimes closing the explorer and reopening it corrects the problem. Sometimes I have to re boot to get the drives back i the explorer window or the computer window. The top line of the display moves from left to right as if the program was looking for drives and can not find any to display. The favorites and libraries sections are also empty.
Diskmgt.msc shows all of the drives as they should be.


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There is an option to not show empty drives, maybe try unchecking this option.

In Explorer (Computer)
Tools / Folder Options / View
Uncheck Hide Empty Drives in the Computer Folder

Drives are not empty and the box to hide empty drives is not checked.
I am about to boot again to get the display back.

When you say drives, are you talking about local HDDs, or mapped network drives?


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Try "Tools- Folder Options - View Show Drive letters"

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