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    Computer 1 has W7 64 bit Primary computer
    Computer 2 has W7 64 Bit Lap top
    Computer 3 has Vista 32

    On Computer one I can see Computers 2 and 3 no problem
    On Computer Two I can see computer 3
    On Computer Three I can see computers 1 and 2

    My problem is why can't I see computer 1 (my primary computer) on Computer 2 (my laptop)

    Problem solved, I played around some more in advanced sharing settings Not sure what I changed, i just turned thing on and off.
    It also could have been that even though the lap top had been on awhile it finally discovered computer one (1)
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    For those having similar problems (I am by no means a networking expert, I had my share of problems as well) The workgroup name for all PC's must be the same. A good article for these type problems can be found at How To Geeks.

    You can also set up a Homegroup between the Win 7 PC's.

    A Google search on Advanced Sharing shows many sites with advice on setting up sharing in your network.

    Sarge, thanks for posting this problem and mentioning the solution. I suspect you hit upon this solution during your experimenting with sharing.

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