Windows 7 Cannot start VS2008 Setup


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Jun 1, 2009
Hi, I'm currently struggling to install Visual Studio 2008 on a fresh Windows 7 b7100 x64 install (post Windows Update).

I've tried Team Suite, Pro and Pro Trial; I manually start setup.exe, then click the Install Visual Studio button, after a short pause the 'has this program installed properly' dialog comes up, never having shown the setup/installation window. No event logs are generated and I can see from the task manager that the setup process has started [32bit mode] and simply closed.
Has anyone seen this problem or have any insight into fixing this please, googling the problem people seem to get further than this without any fixes/changes?
I have, same issue. I also tried launching /setup/setup.exe and /msdn/setup.exe and immediately get the error "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000006). Click OK to close the application."
bah, installed Win7 x86 -- same issue, on a hunch, copied files onto desktop before running and it now works. Seems the installer doesn't play nice with the UltraISO virtual drive.
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