Windows 7 Cannot type in the activation code! Keyboard + mouse dead during install??


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Upgraded a plain vanilla version of Vista SP1 on my Thinkpad X61t and after finishing copying all the files it rebooted as Windows 7 and then asked me for the activation code.

The problem is that the mouse cursor is stuck in the top left corner and the keyboard doesn't respond! If I try to reboot through safe mode (even command prompt) it always tells me that I have to finish the seutp first, displaying a single button (Which I cannot of course click).

What on earth can I do? Can I remove the installation? But how?
Plugged in a different mouse, while the keyboard and trackpoint were still dead.
When finally in Windows 7 I uninstalled all "yellow signed" drivers and rebooted.

That solved the problem.
I have the same problem on my desktop, except I have to have something PS/2 plugged in to use my USB mouse and Keyboard... so weird