Windows 7 Cannot upgrade Vista 64 with Win 7 64 both are home premium versions.


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Dec 9, 2009
I appear to have several problems that need a fix before vista 64 will upgrade to win 7 64.

I get these messages when I run Win7 upgrade install.

Setup 1

These devices may not work properly after the upgrade.
Before upgrading we recommend updating the drivers for these devices.
Cancel the upgrade open the control panel and search for "Update device drivers" or go to the device manufacturer's website to search for updated drivers.

Mobile devices:pocketPC USB syng
Network adapters windows mobile Remote Adapter
Network adapters windows mobile Remote Adapter#2

I couldn't find any device that identifies with the above.

I get these messages when I run Win7 upgrade install.

Setup 2

I downloaded and installed windows mobile center vista 64 6.1 from MSFT site. Then when I started win 7 setup again it says the following.

The programs might not work after the upgrade. We recommend uninstalling the programs before upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, open control panel, and search for "uninstall a program" (Note: Programs marked as * can be safely reinstalled after the upgrade".

Windows mobile device center 6.1 *


If I run the setup the Win 7 will not install if I do either of the above.

I don't get the messages in Setup 1 when I take action in Setup 2, and vs v.

So, I am thinking the mobile device center corrects the problems in setup 1, but creates nw problems that still prohibit upgrading.
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