Cannot use, delete or move files after move from x86 to x64

I just upgraded from x86 to x64 and all went rather well, but the files that were backuped from my desktop ended up unusable... I get a no permissions message everytime I try to use any files...

I've tried to take ownership of the file, but to no avail... please help

done some searching, seems that it's encrypted, is there any way to reverse this without the key? brute force or something like that?

I backuped the AppData folder before the reinstall... I think windows stores the encryption-key in the %appdata%\Microsoft\SystemCertificates... is there any way to get that into the current installation?

Yes, I kinda know that I can't "upgrade" it >_<
I installed a news instance of windows, and only kept the Appdata from the x86-version


I've tried taking ownership by properties, adding "Take ownership" to right-click menu and applied cacls to some files to test... no go :(

I've tried setting all the options to allow on my username in the security-tab, if that's what you were asking?

I've tried it, but it give me a "You don't have permission" message when adding any of the files

Have you tried through Backup and Restore?

CP > Backup and Restore > Manage Space > Delete

would that delete the data? preferably I'd like if I could use those files again...

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