cannot view videos

Hi. I am unable to view videos that are sent to me. This evening I received one that had AVI after it and that is a supported file type but I tried everything and still cannot get it to open. I get messages saying it may not be supported. Can anyone help??
Thanks. meajha


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If you open the Start Menu, All Programs, you will see a "Default Programs" selection. Click that, then go to Associate file type with program and look for the .avi entry. It should say Windows Media Player, unless you have done something or loaded some software that would change it. If it does not say Media Player, what does it say? If it doesn't say anything, put it back to Windows Media Player.

AVI is there and Quick Time Player is also there. I just tried to view a Utube video and couldn't get it to open either.


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I think Quicktime is supposed to handle .avi formats, have you done anything to partially uninstall it?

You might try changing the program to Windows Media Player to see if it helps. You can put it back later if you want. Select the line entry then hit the button on the upper right. Select the program you want to use. Make note of the down arrow in the programs list since it may hide other options.

Maybe you need to reinstall Quicktime, if you want to keep it.

Some You Tube videos use Flash to play, but you should be getting some kind of message if that were the case..

I followed your instructions and changed the program to Windows Media Player. Tried to view the .avi video and got new message that server could not connect.


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All I might think is the install of iTunes, or Quicktime has corrupted the normal operation. Maybe you need to reboot to check. But change it back if you want, and reinstall Quick time or iTunes to see if it will work.

Or uninstall them...

Could you give me a link for the video if it isn't of a personal nature?

seems you're missing video codex...
VLC is my favorite video player, I never had any problem with any codex using it.

this is my first post.. hope it helps. :)

I don't have a problem uninstalling iTunes or Quicktime but where do I go to get the downloads to reinstall? I wish I were more literate when it comes to my computer. I do appreciate your suggestions.

Where do I find VLC. Is it a free download?? Thanks.


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download DivX player, this has the lot for MOST files,

divx wont let u down


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You get iTunes and Quicktime from the Apple site. If you install iTunes, Quicktime will normally be included.


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yea it is :)

your dowloads folder can be found in your users folder ,open start menu and it is at the top ,under your username .
also you may want to install a codec pack i would reccomend sharks007 codecs they dont mess with the codecs already installed but you will have no problem running any video file after you install it. - Windows 7 Codecs - WMP12 Codecs

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