Can't access configuration screens after running a script. (Remove-Windows10-Bloat.bat)


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Hello! I ran a script intended to remove the bloat in Windows 10. I reviewed the script before running it and I didn't see anything that could have caused this, nor I still can see why it happened. Now I have this problem:

I can't access the configuration screens when I search for them in the Windows menu (say, I write "mouse configuration" and the option for opening the config screen appears, but it doesn't open when I click on it), or when I click in the configuration cog to the left of the Windows menu. Clicking it doesn't do anything.

I just found out that if I right click click on the left side of the Windows menu and click "personalize this list", the Configuration window does open. But it's the only way I can access it it seems.

Can anyone help me bring this functionality back and understand what happened?

This is the script in question:

The script was presented along with others in a video by a very good YouTuber, the Low Spec Gamer:



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Most of those "tweaks" won't improve performance all that much and disabling diagnostics and maintenance tasks isn't advised. Some features won't work without basic telemetry enabled, diagnostics or Windows Search.


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I see. Thanks. Which ones do you suggest to turn on? Search is working well. Everything seems to be ok , at least now.

Could I reenable some of them by running the command with an "Enable" at the end, like:

schtasks /Change /TN "Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\ProgramDataUpdater" /Enable
, for example?