Can't Access found.000 directory

I ran chkdsk and it found multiple files that had been copied properly and placed them in the (hidden) found.000 directory. Using Pandora Recovery, I can see that the files are there, but when I try and open the directory in Explorer, I get a generic "Access Denied" error. When I click on Properties, folder size is reported as 0.

How do I openthis hidden folder? Yes, I have enabled view hidden folders and files and can see it in Explorer just fine, just can't open it.

Start -> Run -> Type in 'cmd' , sans quotes, of course.

Now, in the event you're not familiar with DOS at all, I'll walk through all the steps. You should now have a DOS window open with a prompt, somewhere into the directory of C:\

Type in 'cd ..'

Repeat that command until the prompt says only C:\

Here you can use the 'dir' command to display a directory of all the files and other directories directly on your hard drive. However, chances are you won't see FOUND.000 anywhere.

At the C:\ , type in 'cd found.000'

Funny thing, it's there. You can do a 'dir' here to see a list of all the files in the folder, or you can just get back to your plain C:\ by doing a 'cd ..' and type in 'copy found.000 c:'

This will prompt you to copy the entire directory, which I assume is what you want to do.

I'm having the same issue and tried your solution, but even from the DOS window it says "access is denied".

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