Can't access 'my computer'

Everytime I try to open my computer, my documents, even control panel, my computer pops up this message- "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.", and doesn't open. How do I fix this?:confused: this is a vista home basic on my dell inspiron 1501.

Note: My computer was reformatted with recovery disk, dunno if that has something to do with this. Additional details: same message pops up when trying to open up control panel and windows update; on administrator still has same problem; can access files though by, for example, opening itunes browsing through hard drive for song and play it, or same with a word doc. but still has problem.

^none of those worked :(


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scanned for viruses found nothing...


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Hi!! Make sure you look for Trojans.... There's an article about that, (Trojan Horses), located in the security section of this forum. Those little buggers are insidious. Then you're all set to proceed with plan.....:)

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