Can't access Windows 7 partition from another XP machine!

I have a following problem:

Laptop is Windows XP and other PC is Windows 7.
I shared the C: partition in Windows 7 and set up the IP address [],
I also did the same with laptop with WinXP [].

In Laptop - when I go to Windows Explorer I can see both computers, but when I try to double-clik Windows 7 icon, it
pops out the message
"\\Windows7\C is not accessible. You might not have the permission to use this network resource. Contact...Access is Denied!"
But, when I do the same thing from PC with Windows 7 installed - it works with no problem at all! I am able to access Windows XP C: partition.

Please help me solve this, since I assume that this is no big problem for some of many experienced users at this forum.

Thank You.


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