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    I have XP SP2, Vista, and one 7 system in a local home network. Our family music server is an XP SP2 machine with share for MP3's and a share for other media content. The other XP machines can see and access MUSICSERV, the Vista machines can see and use MUSICSERV, however my Windows 7 system cannot "see" let alone use the shares. However, I can successfully ping the IP of that machine and it does show up in the Network Map. My 7 machine can only see Vista machines in the network, and none of the XP machines.

    I have tried most of the suggestions that I have found:
    • ensured the basics that I am familiar with; workgroup name is the same across all computers, share is avialable and accessable by all the other computers as it has been for years, etc.
    • made sure that advanced sharing settings are as suggested (network discovery, file & printer sharing, sharing so anyone..., all on, password protection off, and use user accounts and passwords)
    • Left any Homegroup
    • Tried installing IPv6 on the XP SP2 machine
    • Tried disabling IPv6 on the Windows 7 machine
    • Tried "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" in WINS confguration for IPv4 on both the XP and 7 machines
    • Sacrificed a chicken under the new moon and spread the entrails around the Windows 7 machine in an effigy of Bill Gates.....
    Doesn't seem to be working. Any better ideas ? I have been working with computer networks since the early ages, so I am no noobie at this, but can't seem to problem solve this one. Any assistance is much appreciated.

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