Can't add music to libraries

Installed W7 RC over Vista 2 weeks ago. Since then, I've been trying to get Media Centre to add my music collection to the music library but have had no luck at all. I can open album folders and play and burn the contents in Media Player but creating a usable library is out of the question. Any one have any ideas? I suspect I've missed some obscure step in the upgrade process.

Joe S

Excellent Member
It's probably because you upgraded instead of doing a clean install. A clean install is always best. Was this a legit version or something from the torrent sites?

Hi Joe, It was a legit version. I downloaded from MS and chose the upgrade to avoid reinstalling all my other apps. I ran corp XP for years and then decided to do the right thing and buy Vista. Unfortunately I couldn't keep Vista going long enough to work out if it was any good or not. W7 runs way better than Vista but I think the RC version over Vista over XP might be pushing the limits of flawless upgrade. I'll wait till my release copy of W7 arrives in the mail and then do a clean install... should fill in my week putting all my apps back on. Thanks for your help.

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