Can't boot Win7 into after CPU swap

I built an AMD Athlon II X4 with an ECS Black 785 mobo in October 09. The whole sys stopped powering up last August. In a series of long-timey repairs, I finally got all the components repaired (replaced bad PS, and I exchanged the CPU). Now, I can't get past the classpnp.sys in safe mode. I tried booting from my install disk (after everything below), but I bought the OEM System Builder's version, and it doesn't give me the chance to re-install; it stops at the same screen when I load from CD/DVD. I've never made it past the start of the windows splash screen on any attempt. I've tried:

Safe mode with networking
Safe mode w/command prompt
Enable Boot Logging
Debugging mode
Last known good configuration
Disable driver signature enforcement
..... I just can't seem to get anywhere except a blank screen.


A clean install is required....load new OEM DVD into DVD drive, reboot. On reboot, go into your BIOS and change the boot order to boot from CD/DVD, then save and exit out and it should reboot. If not reboot manually. This time should should see "boot from CD/DVD" press any key to continue. Hit space bar or enter key.

Re: Can't boot into Win7 after CPU swap

I tried loading from the optical drive a couple times without success. I put the DVD in and let it run its course. There was a black/white progress bar under the heading "Windows is Loading Files..." After the system got to the Win7 splash screen, I barely got two dots of the 4 flags and the screen went blank.

Do I need a 'new' OEM Install DVD or can I use the same one I have? I've seen on other forums that the Builder's version is tied to the motherboard. That didn't change.

Re: Can't boot into Win7 after CPU swap

Did you change the boot order in your BIOS? To get into you bios; on a restart, start tapping the delete key until you get your BIOS screen up then go and change boot order. Simply putting it in the DVD drive and running it wont work. You have to boot from that OEM DVD not from your HDD (hard drive).

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Re: Can't boot into Win7 after CPU swap

I have tried both methods multiple times. I tried selecting the DVD first from a boot order screen, then I went into the bios and changed the boot order to boot from the optical drive. It always tries to load files, then the screen goes blank; there is no activity on screen but the fans are still moving.

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do you have any USB devices plugged in? Just boot with only the basic devices running Keyboard, mouse, video card Memory cpu and Hard drive/s disconnect all uneeded devices especially any unneeded USB devices. I had a bad USB external drive that caused same problem

Re: Can't boot into Win7 after CPU swap

There should be no loading of files of any kind when changing the boot order. When the change has been made in the bios, select save and exit, if not you will end up back at the beginning. You will be prompted to confirm changes made if done right. Then on reboot you should see a blank screen with the phrase "to boot from cd select any key".

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I think he talking about loading files after he boots from CD which does happen after you press any key to boot from windows cd, you get loading files

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That's right Sarge (loads files after I press enter/space). I had a webcam on there, but removed it. There is a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, but nothing else. I even switched to VGA over my DVI input since the mobo is finnicky that way.

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Re: Can't boot into Win7 after CPU swap

Did you replace the cpu with the exact same one and please post your specs.

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Replacing the CPU and or MB with a new one or different one should not matter as long as his OS is not an OEM Version, I have replaced a MB a CPU and Video Card and did not have problem booting into Windows, I did have to re-activate the OS again with a phone call because of the changes made. Even an OEM Should boot but would need a diffferent License because of the CPU change he made.

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CPU was replaced with an exact model. As I was troubleshooting my original problem, I sent MB, processor, and then power supply back to manufacturers. I got the original MB back, an exact replacement (NIB) processor, and a different power supply.

MB ECS Black A785GM-M
CPU AMD Athlon II X4 620
HD WD Caviar Black 640GB SATA 3.0

My main concern now is getting the data off of the HD. I don't have an enclosure or an eSATA cable. I am considering getting a DVD-loaded copy of linux to access the HD, then formatting the whole thing and starting over. I'd love to not have to do something so drastic.

Re: Can't boot into Win7 after CPU swap

So...I've successfully started a CD copy of Ubuntu, got all my stuff off of there, and formatted the hard disk. I am running into the same problem. When I start up Windows via the DVD, I only get the first two dots of the splash screen. I thought it was a software issue since I could get to the Windows start, but the same thing is happening even without the old software.

Any Thoughts?

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