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Well sometimes I have really weird problem Sometimes I cant change the keyboard language I have Hebrew and English in my keyboard and sometimes Its get stuck on hebrew or english , When I press Alt+Shift it normally change the language but sometimes it get stuck on 1 language and I need to restart the app (windows office , google chrome ex..) to get the language to change ,and this happend to me in the first time I installed windows 7 and after I upgraded my PC I made a fresh install and the same problem came again.

It happens in allot of programs, And I cant figure out what causing this

I made a video so you can see whats going on. Please help.

(windows 7 ultimate)



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I wish I could help but I do not have any experience with changing languages. Have you run this type of operation is other OSes and did they work as you feel they should?

Do the ALT keys work differently depending on whether you use the right or left ones?

Have you been able to see anything in common with what you are doing when the lockups occur?

Have you checked the event viewer to see if any errors or warnings are showing up concerning the situation?

How much memory do you have and are you running a 32 or 64 bit version of Win 7?

Have you checked for a newer keyboard driver?


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I dont think its the keyboard.
Because as you can see in the video the language bar does change.. but it just does not write..
I have 32bit and 2gb memory crosir
@zvit now doing as you suggested will report back.

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What you suggested is for windows xp.. Not for windows 7 ..

Anyone what can I do now?


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Let's see if your settings are correct.
Go to the keyboard settings (right-click language bar > Settings > Advanced Key Settings > Change key sequence. There are actually two settings: "Switch input language" and "Switch keyboard layout". Set "Switch input language" to Left Alt+Shft and set "Switch keyboard layout" to Ctrl + Shft.

Also , try to create a new account and see if the problem is there. You can copy language settings from account to account here: (Scroll down to posts at bottom of page).

Also, Is this a legal copy of Windows 7 with a valid product key number? If not, that could be a cause for the language bug.

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My setting are correct...

As Zvit said, it's a known bug. I believe this problem is related to the general input method in windows os. If your language input doesn't switch in an application, click on the line where you need to type (even if the keyboard focus is already there), and press the key sequence again.

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