Can't change music file details even with ownership

Hi people

First I am a bit of a novice on a P.C so be gentle with me. I know the basics and I'm learning.

I can't seem to change some ( but not all) music file details even when I have the ownership. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have done all the usual stuff I can find on forums. Right clicked on Properties, gone into Sercurity, checked I have Full control. I have then gone into Advanced and changed the ownership to myself and still nothing, as we say in England, "not a sausage" !!! The only thing I think is strange is that there seems to be several enties in the Sercurity tab on properties, and for that matter in the Advanced bit, of users/groups with similar titles all connevted with me. For example 'steve (steve-PC\steve)', which is the one I usually use for ownership. Also 'Administrator (steve-PC\Administrators)', which has ownership of a few files. Last is 'Users (steve-PC\Users)'. The is also 'Auttenticated users', 'SYSTEM' and on one file I found 'WMPNetworkSvc'. All of these are usually listed on the Sercurity tab and usually in the Advanced section. I have managed to change some music files to my ownership and change the details but not all.
I have all my music on an external hard drive and on my C drive. Don't want to loose such a briliant collection now do I.

It's all a pain in the bottom.

Steve aka goggs1959


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Hi Steve,

I'm no expert on this but I'm pretty sure your running into what's called DRM (Digital Rights Management) and is better explained in this link.


I could be wrong though so if you feel this isn't the case then please post back..


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