can't connect to internet after hibernate/sleep

When I close the lid on my laptop and reopen it, I can see all the wireless networks, and have full bars but it says "limited acces" and i cannot connect to the internet. I can plug in a cable, or restart the computer and it works perfectly.

It worked fine on the beta but now I'm running the W7 RC and its crap...

I'm on a Dell 6400. Its a dell wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card.
All drivers are updated and i have tried the windows troubleshooting with no result.

Please help


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After getting out of sleep, what happens if you were to run ipconfig/release and /renew?




ipconfig /release and /renew causes the command screen appears for a sec, then nothing. Does not help.


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thats why you should open up cmd first, and then type ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew.

either way, if that didnt help, we should think about some other options? Does it ever come back? What about when you restart? Obviously, that not a solution, but I was curious is a reboot fixes it.

I see, got it. Ipconfig / release after sleep/hibernate tells me no operation can be performed while it has its media disconnected

Yes, a reboot fixes it.


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When you have limited connectivity like that, can you click on the yellow exclamation point and do a repair?

It almost seems like the wireless card is getting "disconnected" when windows comes out of sleep mode. Can you also check in the Device Manager and see what is there under Network Adapters? any "x"s or "!"s?

There are no X's or !'s - If i try the repair it comes back saying there is a problem with the wireless connection card. But it worked with the Beta version, so i can't see how that could be.

I can see all the wireless networks around, and it says i am connected but it also says "limited connection" i.e. no connection -_-

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Still havn't found a solution to the problem. All suggestions are much appreciated!

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