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Windows 7 Can't connect to my router at all...


New Member
Feb 9, 2009
Hi guys, I have a DI-524 with h/w version A2. I try to connect to my wireless router using a broadcom based card which windows detected and automatically installed the drivers for but it simply says "unable to connect".

this is the problem yet I do not know how to go about fixing it.

Network association:Failed

I read the troubleshooting report and this is where the "connecting process" stops.

Any ideas?
Are you able to connect to any other wireless networks using that card (hotspot, coffee shop, friends house, school, etc.)?
sorry I didnt say anything earlier, i forgot about this post, but i got it fixed. i went into my routers http setup pages and restored it to factory settings. and it worked fine after that.

I think it might have been that I had my channel set to 8 instead of the factory setting of 6 but I don't know.