Can't connect to my school's wireless network


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My laptop can connect to my wireless network at home but when I bring it to school it can't connect. My computer recognizes multiple available networks but wont connect to any of them. I have the correct username and password and the signal strength is excellent. In the connection status I am sending packets but I'm not receiving any. I've tried turning off my firewall and anything else that may be affecting it but nothing seems to work. I was able to connect last semester but I'm not sure if this was before I upgraded to windows 7.

My OS is 64-bit Win 7 premium and I have a Dell wireless 1515 Wireless-N adapter.


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I just figured it out

And So?

So what did u figure out?
I now have the same problem just like yours on my laptop......
It is driving me crazy!!!!
Please share how did u solve may help me!
Thanks alot!


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I had forgotten I had setup a static IP address at home and needed to change my IPv4 settings to obtain one automatically. As soon as I did that everything worked fine.

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