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Windows 7 Can't connect to my wireless printer


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Jul 14, 2013
Hi, i'm new to this forum so please forgive me if i'm posting this thread in the wrong place. I have my toshiba laptop running windows 7 64 bit system. I use to have a vpn installed until today as i thought this was causing the problem i am about to explain. I just purchased a hp all in one wireless printer and started the setup on my laptop. My wireless printer has connected wirelessly to my router without any problems, so i then continued with the installation so my laptop would find my printer. I have followed all instructions using the hp installation cd but after selecting( search for wireless printer) it does not succeed. I then have to input the ip address of my printer and press search again, but still no success. My other devices ( iphone and ipad) cant find my printer either so i dont know if the vpn is still lurking in the background of my laptop preventing it to connect to other devices. How can i solve this issue without resetting my laptop to factory settings. I have tried every advice from HP without success. Can anyone help with this issue please
When you first install a wireless multi-function device, it will ask if the device is already on the network. Do you remember seeing that and if so, what did you choose?

Can you see the IP address of the printer? Possibly on the printer itself, or a printout you might be able to get of the printer's configuration?
Hi thanks for your reply, yes i have the printer connected to my network and have the ip address which i have typed in on my laptop when asked for it, but it just says cant find printer check ip address. I have reset my router and started from the begining but still nothing. The printer shows its connected and did a test page but still the laptop cant find it
Since you appear to be on an apple system, I don't know if anything I mention might be applicable on it.

But if you have the printer's IP address, can you ping it? I assume it does not show up in the Network Explorer window...

You have used the Advanced Sharing settings to enable Network Discovery and File and Printer sharing?

Has any Wireless Security protocols been set up on the printer?

You could or could not get it to print a configuration page. This might need something like holding special buttons when you turn it or, or it might be in some maintenance menu.

What model printer do you have, and be specific?
I have finally got it working yippee. In answer to your question i am not on mac but windows which i mentioned at beginning of issue. I had to manually input a added printer from control panel then printers and devices,then typed ip address of printer. It then asked would i like to download drivers for printer which i did. Then it asked if i wanted to share printer, once i agreed everything was sorted. My laptop now has my printer as default and my ipad and iphone can fnd it, so happy days are here again. Thank you so much for your kind advice maybe i can help you all in return one day soon