Can't Connect To Other Computer In Network!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by farbodkain, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Hi,im sorry if i make new thread but i really don't know where can i find the problem start from:
    i have one pc with WinXP Sp3 in Home and another notebook with Window 7.i have one Hub switch between them and one ADSL modem it's work for 2 of them i mean adsl modem have nat and DHCP so i get ip from it and nothing wrong untile now.2 computer can connect to internet
    and 2 computer have same WORKGROUP name and IP address configured right cause can ping each other.and can see each other in network place or my network browser .but i have big problem after i recovered my notebook to VISTA and then Upgraded to pc (xp) can connect to notebook(7) but when my notebook(7) want to connect to pc(xp) in network browser or with ip or with name in run place,show me the login box and i type user named and password but nothing happen i mean not connected to pc and just show error in bottom of box faild to logon user and password but my user and password is correct and with pc can connect without any problem.and i checked my firewall and for test turned that off.but nothing change i try with 3 mode homegroup,public,.....but nothing of that can help me to connect.plz someone if know anything to can help me fix this problem tell me.i really appreciated if someone help me.
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    Little confused. Everything was working great, and then something happened that resulted in your recovering to Vista and then Upgrading to Win7 and now it doesn't work.
    Can we assume that you are (after the recovery) able to do all the things that you were able to do at the beginning of the post, and you can still ping each machine from each machine by ip address and by name?

    If so, when you are failing to connect from the Win7 machine to the XP machine, make sure in the prompt for username and password, you include the XPmachine name in the username part of the prompt, like this XPmachineName\Username and then the password.
    So if your XP Computer is named Graceland and you have a user on the XP computer called ElvisP and his password is hounddog then in the username box you would type Graceland\ElvisP and then hounddog in the password box. Check the box that says remember creds and you should be ok.
    Alternately you could add the username and password that you are using on the Windows 7 machine, to the list of usernames on the XP machine, just make sure that they are identical same name same password and make sure you grant that user the proper permissions to resources on the XP machine, as well as the groups that he is a member of, "Users" and "Authenticated Users" hope this helps
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