Can't connect wireless (i know there were several already didnt see my problem)

I know there were several post about this but didn't see one to correct my problem. I apologize if there is and I didnt see it. router is working properly. I have two hard lines into it and one wireless. My laptop was working correctly previously. Went to school a ways away came back and I can't connect now. I can see my wireless network but will not let me connect. It is a secure network but doesnt even ask me for a pw just tells me theres a problem. Have tried several things i have seen on this forum but to no avail. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

No go. Uninstall and reboot.


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Have you tried setting your router to open / no security encryption. See if you can connect and then set the router back to secure / WPA or WPA2 and see if you are then prompted for a security key. Then type the key in notepad, examine it to make sure it's correct and paste it into the boxes.

Went no encryption and still could not connect. I usually use WEP but if its not working without encryption then i wouldnt think that was the problem. Plus it has worked for 6 months with no problems.


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OK, sorry...I know that you said that it had been working previously, but I didn't know that it had been working for 6 months. What release of Win7 are you using and what release were you using 6 months ago? I am just guessing but when you went away perhaps you installed or upgraded or just updated some third party software like a firewall product or and antivirus / Internet Security Suite with a firewall addin, or Itunes /bonjour /mdnsresponder or an Adobe product which installs a bonjour/mdnsresponder type product. Check task manager and see if bonjour or mdnsresponder is running also check services.msc and see if there is a pecurliar string at or near the top that contains a bunch of numbers and or characters. If so set them all to manual or disable and stop them.

Thanks I'll try that. Sorry if i'm being a pain. Don't know much about this but I appreciate you taking the time to work on it with me.


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Not at all, always glad to help. We can probably fix this, all we have to do is figure out what blatantly obivious thing we're overlooking

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