Can't create Win 7 Gateway Recovery disks

Hi there
I recently bought a new Gateway desktop. I added another hard drive to it and installed Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu installed the Grub bootloader to the wrong drive, the Windows 7 drive. All this happened before I made the Gateway Recovery Backup disks.
I managed to fix the Windows 7 drive to boot again by using Bootrec.exe /Fixmbr and /FixBoot.
But now when I try to create the Recovery Disks, I get the following message: "Hard drive configuration is not set to the factory default. Backup aborted."
I tried to restore to factory default at startup but I never get the menu I am suppose to get. I just get some kind of prompt, but no recovery option. This is by pressing Alt+F10 a bootup.
When I look at the drive with Gparted, it looks like the drive doesn't have the recovery partition. I have attached a screenshot of it.
Can someone help, please?



I wonder if the partition information was somehow messed up, and now Windows can't see the partition anymore.
Any suggestions?


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Possibly when you ran the commands, or installed Linux, you overwrote the boot sequence needed to get to the required menu?

Do you have any other DVD/CDs from Gateway, or have you checked to see if you could get some?

The 1 MB partition you have at the front bothers me a little since I have seen that after some dual boot installs. I will assume it did not come that way.

If you open an administrative command prompt in Win 7 and type bcdedit, take a snipping tool picture of that and attach. You did say Win 7 is booting normally...

Thanks for your response Saltgrass.
Yes, I think you are correct. When the Linux bootloader was written to the Windows drive (by accident), it overwrote part of the partition table.
I ran a check with a tool called Testdisk, and it shows that there is a partition that was deleted, but it can't recover it.
Unfortunately I did not make the Recovery Disks before this happened.
For now, I have Windows 7 working properly, but I would like to reset it to factory default.
I have just ordered the Recovery Media from Gateway (Acer). That will solve my whole issue.

Thanks again.

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