Can't custom install windows seven. No Hard Drive.

Hi there !

I just got my mother's computer back from a repair shop (they've changed the graphic card, the motherboard and the processor, the hard drive stayed the same)

It is a SONY VAIO VPCEE25fx.

I used my Windows 7 Ultimate OEM CD I had when I bought her the computer.

But then, at the Custom Install step, it says No drivers or hard drive found. I've tried to reload, scan...none. I'm sure the hard drive is ok.

Is there a way to fix this ? Thank you so much for your help.

The HDD needs to be (re)formatted, made ready to use. Hook the HDD up to a functioning PC & format it then, try again.


Hook the HDD up ? I don't even know how to take it off :p And then how do I have to plug it to another computer ?


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It's done w/ an adapter, hook-up device/cable. OR a sort of 'box', that accepts the HDD. OR get a shop to do it for you. Takes 5 mins.


Ok because I already paid a lot, it should have been included in their services (they didn't tell none)...I mean I could do it myself but I don't have any of those tools. Imma ask a friend Drew. You think it'll do the trick to hook it up and format ? Then it's gonna be recognized or do I have to do another thing ?

Thanks Drew.

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Is the drive showing in the bios? If they changed everything, you may need to update/reset your bios. If the drive does show in the bios, maybe you could use Diskpart to look at the drive during the install, but prior to the place where is looks for a drive.

Also, make sure the drive is seated completely. Did the repair shop have the drive or did you keep it?


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The shop who repaired your computer should have formatted the computer before they gave it to you and installed the OS.

I was about to say the same as Ted (I see) has. Take it back to the shop that worked on it!! It is their responsibility to make it able & ready to move forward AND to make sure it is such BEFORE giving it back to you.


THanks yall, yes they should have done better, I reported em' the problem...but I did it myself following Drew instructions and now it's fine :)

Thanks everybody you made my week ;)

PS : but now I can't connect to the internet even tho I installed some ethernet controllers driver. It says no connections available any ideas on how to proceed ? Once I get online I can fix the other issues...thanks.

There is a pix of my device manager :


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Ok, well, so far so good, I guess & you're welcome BUT...

Where shall I start? Did they give you the M/B (Drivers) disc?? All the M/B drivers are not installed, #1. Either they come from that disc OR one goes to the M/B's website & gets them from there.

2nd, not sure if I should already know whether your connection is wired or wireless but, no matter... once the Ethernet driver is in, the concern is w/ Network Adapters; + there will list the wired & wireless adapters. That's where attention would go, if, still, no connection and all the M/B drivers are installed.

Point is, if, they were Dev Mgr, of course, wouldn't look like that.

Has it been like this ever since you retrieved it? If so, that's crap! This stuff should be fully addressed, thing ready to use by the time it was put back in your hands! Bloody hell, you make sure everything is copasetic BEFORE you give it to the customer, geeesh. Please excuse my editorializing. :disturbed:

Maybe they feel they have too many customers...decided to drive a few away. I don't want to lose any...funny, that, eh?


Yes they messed up I never had such problems before. They didn't give any discs with drivers (And I swear I'm gonna adress them to get a refund).

They just gave it like this.

For the controllers, I've tried a bunch of stuff (a lot of drivers I found, matchin' the hardware) but it doesn't work (even after I restart n stuff). I've got the Realtek controller in the list now but it doesn't "work properly" (as indicated in the device manager).

I've got both : wired with an ethernet cable and wireless too. I've tried both and nothing. When I switch off/on the wireless button it says "Bluetooth Enabled".

I really don't get it.

Any ideas ? Thank you.

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That parts fine... so, the laptop is Bluetooth capable... big deal, it's supposed to do wireless, that's all, Bluetooth or otherwise including a wireless router signal... anyway, w/out my going on & on, do I have any ideas? Yep. If, stuff like that doesn't "work properly", it is, most likely, a driver issue.

Make THEM address the issues & make it what they should have handed you in the 1st place... a machine that just plain works not, one that puts you through all or any of this grief.

And BTW, you do not sell someone a new M/B w/out giving them its driver disc w/ it!!


Mmmm thanks Imma see what I can do tomorrow.

Ok. So I got a refund and they fixed the computer, installing the proper drivers.

I'd never do that again, buying a new laptop is a better option.

Last question friends, now my mom got a weird keyboard : a combination of QWERTY and french accents in the symbols.

I can't find it in Windows Keyboards, so it's hard for her to key in symbols and stuff :

Do you know which keyboard is it ? I thought canadian but it doesn't match.

Thank you.

Well this is great news!! Where was that machine purchased, that it has a French keyboard??

> Region & Language

Set it to English Canada & US keyboard.

Lemme know.


Great news indeed, you're right about procedures and protocols. People tend to forget about it nowadays.

It has been purchased in America, New York (J&R) but my mom lives in France (I went to check my fam) so I had the computer repaired over there.

But first it was a classic QWERTY us keyboard and they changed it (they told me they don't know what kind of keyboard is in Windows...grrr)

I've tried English (Canada) > US but still wrong. In every keyboards I've checked, there's a comma after the M key, my mom's has a different type of comma (as you see in the pix).


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