Can't customise certain desktop icons/folders..?

This has me baffled, I'm using the exact same .ico for all the desktop shortcuts (and created folders) most I've changed, but a handful stubbornly refuse to budge regardless of what I've tried.

Anyone got any ideas..?


Some troubleshooting questions that come to mind:

1) Are the icons that won't change in the Public Desktop folder or YOUR Desktop folder?
2) Is the shortcut read-only? Remember a shortcut is really just a special file which can be read-only.

Also what version of Win?

1. Right-click and choose Properties
2. Click on the "Security" tab
3. Click on "Edit"
4. Click "Users (xxxxxxx\Users)
5. Check Allow "Full Control"
6. Click on "Apply"
7. Click on "OK"
8. Click on "Customize" tab
9. Click on "Change Icon" and choose an icon
10. Click on "OK"
11. Click on "Apply," then "OK"

I hope that helps!

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