Windows 7 Can't delete .exe files from Desktop


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For some reason, anytime I drop a file on the desktop with a .exe extension, I can no longer delete that file from the desktop. Actually...I can delete it, but as soon as I hit F5 or e.g. log off and back on, the file simply reappears. I can only delete a .exe file permanently in Safe Mode. I do not have any problems deleting files with other extensions from the Desktop (but renaming a .exe on the Desktop does not work either).

I use build 7022. My UAC setting is off (slider all the way down). I do not use Offline folders.

When I right-click on the file, it takes about 25 seconds before the actions menu appears. If I then choose Properties, it takes about a minute before the Properties window appears. On the Security tab it says: "You do not have permissions to view or edit this object's permission settings." Under "Advanced" on the Owner tab, it says "Unable to display current owner." When I try to take owenership, it tells me "Access is denied".

I checked the permissions and ownership for my Desktop folder under C:\Users (also for All Users and Public Users), and according to those setting I should be owner and have full control.

What gives??