Cant delete folder

Hi All, I getting the error that i need permission to perform this action. I'm trying to delete a folder. It is a folder that had all my adobe software installs, its on a different partion to my OS. I reinstalled my OS on c drive and now want to install my adobe software again but want to delete the old adobe files first but will not let me. I have tried to change the permissions repeatedly. It says i need MY premission to delete file and I have changed the permissions to allow me to do everything but STILL will not let me delete :-( Please, any advice would be great.


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Try starting in Safe Mode an delete it

Or try this program.

You may gave to delete th files within the directory first

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Yeah, I tried to delete in safe mode but did not do it.
Will try that bit of software tho,

nope, that software did not work :-(

oh no wait, it did work :) did not realise it was doing something.
Thanks for that.


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Were there flies in the directory?

Did you reboot?

did not reboot this time, i just ran the unlock software and it gave me option to delete files and it deleted them.


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Glad to hear it!

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