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Windows 7 Can't delete folders-- need permission


New Member
Jan 14, 2009
Folders are being created by 7 on my external harddrive having nonsensical names (like "08f575abff5110a011" for instance). I try to delete them, but it says I need permission to delete them. Then I open up the command line in administrator mode and try to delete them, but it does nothing. It acts as if it's deleting but then it doesn't disappear. The only way I can delete them is to boot into XP, which is annoying. Does anybody know how to fix this?
Hi guys
just load up something like ubcd4win.

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This loads up a "bootable" mini windows system and is great for deleting all this sort of stuff. This boots from the DVD / CD and doesn't install on your hard disks.

Saves messing around with permissions etc etc. You also don't need to "Dual Boot" XP either.

Another way --bit more complex is to create a Bartpe type of recovery CD. Boot from this (works like a live CD).
Just google BARTPE.

Some of those nonsensical names are possibly some of the Windows Update stuff. You can probably delete these provided you don't want to roll back updates.


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