Can't delete/move folders with files inside

Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble with the Windows 7 RC. I can't seem to delete/move any folders that have a file in them from my user folder. This is especially annoying in the music folder, where there is the hidden album art files. It prevents me from deleting them saying the file is in use. I have to use unlocker every time, and restart the PC. I'm on the admin account, and am just wondering if anyone can help me fix this annoying issue?


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Are the files in use?

Have you tried starting in Safe Mode and deleting from there. If the files are hidden, you should be able to see them by changing the Folder Organize then folder and Search Options - View tab and check "show hidden folders..."

You may need to change their attributes. If the folders are locked for some reason, deleting them might cause problems.

The files aren't in use, and I can delete them from safe mode, but I don't want to go through that hassle every time I have to delete a folder. As well, since the files inside the folder are the album art files, it doesn't really show up despite viewing hidden files. In regards to the file attributes, they are set as anybody can edit them, and I have permissions to edit the files. It's really annoying why I can't delete them....

try this to move folders

Go to control panel. Then Action Center. Change user account control settings. Slide the slider to never notify. Click ok and restart the computer. DONE.

UAC is already off. And this thread is mad old... I've long since upgraded to an actual version of windows 7 rather than the RC, and no longer have this problem.

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