Can't delete Windows.old.000 folder

Hi all,

I upgraded form Windows Vista 64-bit to Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. It must have not been a clean install bc i had several Windows.old folders. I deleted some of them but still have windows.old and some of windows.old.000. I want to keep windows.old, but wish to delete all of windows.old.000. I have changed ownership of the folder and everything but am still not able to delete the folder. It continues to tell me I do not have permission to do this. How could I fix this? Many thanks!

Hi LLPimpA, I'd suggest trying to determine the effective permissions on that folder. View Effective Permissions on Files and Folders Enter your username when you get to .4 and you'll see if the ownership change registered or not.


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Be careful when deleting Windows [System] files. Unless you are absolutely certain about it, follow the rule If you doubt, leave it out. The only certain installation is a clean installation; if you do an upgrade, Windows is built on old data, and if you dispose of that, you may get in trouble. Like wiring your electricity anew, and cutting some old links.

Windows.old etc. don't take that much space. Leave them alone, if possible, would be my advice. The main thing is that your system works, eh?


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As has been said, it could be that some of the contents are still being used so you need to exercise care. Having said that, there is no good reason I'm aware of why something in there still should be in use. If you decide you do want rid of it then you could ues the "move on boot" utility which enables setting up the moving, deleting etc of file when the system is rebooted - free download from here:

MoveOnBoot Free - Rename/Move/Delete Locked Files on Reboot


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Run this command in elevated cmd: RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\windows.old

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