Windows 7 Can't detect any networks


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Hey everyone. I just installed 7100 a couple days ago, and my wireless adapter can't seem to detect any networks. It is a D-Link DWA-552 N adapter, and my router is an Apple Airport Extreme. I've tried using drivers from DLink's website and running the setup in Vista compatibility mode, and also using the drivers that Windows 7 provides. However, I keep getting the message "No connections are available". Using the adapter's software also yields an empty list with no networks around me. Placement isn't an issue because I have a laptop right beside my PC that can see other networks as well as my own.

Has anybody else encountered this or have any suggestions? Any would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I got it working! What I did was restart the WLAN AutoConfig service. Then right after I could see a bunch of networks and connect to my own.

This is using the latest drivers Windows provides.

Hopefully this helps if others run into the same problem.
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