cant disk cleanup c drive

hi guys
my problem is that my 55gb hard drive is still full (about 3 gb spare) after installing windows 7... i do a disk cleanup, then then in the pop up window it says i can save 20mb, so i click the clean system files button, and it says i can free up 35gb.. thats right i click ok and a bar comes up for a second, fills up then goes off, without freeing up the 35gb...
its a new install so im thinking the 35gb is what was left over from my XP, but how do i delete all that stuff????
thanks guys...

Was this an attempt at an upgrade install from XP? You can delete these leftover files if that is what they are but it is better to back up all data and do a clean install. If you insist on keeping it the way it is look for a folder called windows.old and take ownership of it (a little searching on this board will reveal instructions for this) then you can delete it

all sorted............ great help. found windows.old on the c drive, right click delete, it took i think about half an hour to an hour to delete the folder. and now ive got a spare 35gb "exactly what it said on the tin",

thanks again texurednb, that was a good call...............justin

No problem bud and thank you for posting back that you got it sorted out this way anyone who has had a similar issue can refer back to here.

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