cant display internet pages from a search WHY


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when I am in a airline page
placing in the required destination dates etc
when i hit search
the page goes for a seach but cant find the page
a screen jsut gives
Internet cant find the displayed web page

I have java , flash installed and works ok
reset internet to default


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Just a guess, because you didn't mention which browser you are using, but if it is IE9 take a look just to the right of the URL address bar at the top of the browser and see if you see something that looks similar to a torn page icon just left of the refresh icon. That is the compatibility icon, try clicking that and see if the page works any better.


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Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
the torn icon makes no difference
tried w9 fix to rest but thats the same
this problem in many web pages when one has to change within a page like find flights, fill in a question box

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