Windows 7 Can't download......


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Jan 26, 2009
When I try to download attachments from my e-mail, i click the attachment link, a file download window pops up, i click save, select a location, download the file, everything seems fine... But when I go to the folder that i selected to save the file, it is not there!!! I so confused, I tried a lot download link on different websites, some links work fine but some files just disappear like i never download them...... I tried mpg, mp3, exe, doc..... They are just not there...:confused::confused::confused:

Can anyone help me please......
ps: i also try to turn down the firewall, but still......
If you are using firefox i have found that sometimes you need to right click on the download link and click open in new tab and then it will download. I dont know exactly why it wont download but that is the fix i have put together.
The problem is that the downloads do starts, but after download complete, they are just not there in my computer...
Try what i am saying and see if it works for you. If it doesnt then change your location for saving files to. Maybe there is a problem with the folder you are saving in.
I finally solve the problem. I'm using an anti virus software called stop-sign antivirus, after I uninstalled it, everything work fine now!!! If anyone have same problem i had, maybe you can try switch a antivirus software.
iroken22, thanks for your help too.
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