Can't drag files to any application


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Just started happening...

I can't drag files to any application that I used to be able to, for example:
Dragging video files into open media player
Dragging files into Nero
Dragging files into Adobe Encore, After effects or any other application

All the above allow me to do File\open and then I can browse and choose any file and it will work fine.
Also, if I drag a file onto say, the SHORTCUT ICON of a media player, the player will open and play the file ok.

It's just the drag & drop that stoped working.

* I'm the administrator
* I tried different levels of security
* I restarted the computer

None of the above helped.


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Try either system restore or right-click on command prompt and run as adminstrator then type 'sfc /scannow' and hit enter (minus quotes)..

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