Can't edit hosts file in 64-bit Windows 7?

Looking to edit hosts file to block some annoying ad-senders sites but there is no HOSTS file in ordinary location (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Also not in mentioned C:\Windows\SysWOW64.
I find same HOSTS file in:
But when I tryed to edit it (opened Notepad as administrator), can't save it.
Also tryed to change permissions on HOSTS file but system don't allows that.
How to do?

That's odd, which version of W7 64bit are you running?

Joe S

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I use something called Hosts Toggle HostsToggle . It is simple and lets you edit load or toggle on and off. This is old so there is a trick to make it work. Unzip and copy the little red H(exe file) some place outside the zip file. Now is the trick part. Go into control panel and find Task Scheduler in Administrative Tools run Task scheduler as Administrator. Click on Task Scheduler Library. Over on the right side click on basic task. On general page check run with highest privileges and run only when user is logged on and OP system. Then click on the Action tab and choose start program. Check the rest of the tabe they are simple to follow if needed then click OK. then it will be on task bar at startup. Or you you can just click on the red H and edit and close. I used it for a long time on XP and it wasn't that complicated. There are other hosts editors but they are a lot more complex that I want and I think that you want.

Hehe, solved my problem...
I boot computer by Hiren's Boot CD 10.0 and find that hosts file, took over rights, edited and saved.
That's it. After normal boot hosts is what i needed it to be. :)

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